Temporary Technical Recruiters


The Avanti recruiting team sources and qualifies professionals for your approval to supplement your staff according to project and business demands.

Our Avanti team members have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Avanti seeks these qualities in its candidates by directing recruiting efforts at professionals who, based on work histories and management and peer reviews, are proven performers.

Avanti recognizes that our consultants must function at a high level with a quick ramp-up period. Our seasoned recruiters know where to go to identify candidates who are leaders within their disciplines. We have the requisite experience and industry knowledge to deliver the highest caliber of temporary recruiting services available.

You Can Expect:

  • Responsive "just in time" recruiting – The best talent consists of professionals who are currently employed, Avanti constantly networks at a national level to fill its candidate pipeline
  • Performance management – Avanti will follow up regularly with our contractors' on-site managers to monitor performance and ensure a successful engagement
  • Leading technical professionals – Avanti screens and qualifies candidates prior to presentation to ensure they are technically proficient and sensitive to your organizational culture and work environment
  • Integrated technology approach – Enables Avanti recruiters to employ advanced labor market research, putting you in touch with the very best talent as well as skill sets that are often difficult to find
  • An extensive candidate database – Containing thousands of regularly updated records
  • Temp to hire – Avanti will work with you to allow conversion of its technical contractors to full time employee status as business needs often require

The Avanti value proposition emphasizes these service components to bring you critical coverage during peak periods, optimal staffing flexibility, reduced hiring costs, and improved technical team effectiveness.