The heart of our capability is the delivery of on-site project based recruiting for our clients. Unlike other recruiting alternatives, we provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to the delivery of staffing services. Avanti provides a dedicated recruiting team for each individual client assignment, which not only works with you to develop a recruiting strategy, but also executes the strategy and delivers the results you need.

The components of this service are:

  • Full-time, dedicated, industry specific staffing consultants working on your site with your staff in a team approach to accomplish your goals.
  • True employment consultants experienced in delivering superior recruiting results and human capital solutions. We will undertake only those assignments in which our competence has been established and we can assure satisfactory performance by virtue of previous experience.
  • Confidential, proprietary, consultative relationship. As your business partner, candidate information is never shared beyond the client's project team and remains the your exclusive work product.
  • Objective talent evaluators. Avanti plays an integral role not only in the identification of talent but the selection as well.
  • National delivery capability providing a comprehensive solution to your staffing needs. Our team can be deployed anywhere geographically to provide the dedicated support you need.
  • Sourcing programs, tools and research. Our team is supported with the tools to get the job done. In collaboration with our clients, we maximize our clients recruiting message and achieve a greater impact.
  • Variable/scalable recruiting workforce solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to augment your existing recruiting department or completely outsource the function, Avanti can provide the appropriate solution.
  • A structured, metrics driven, project approach to the delivery of on-site recruitment services. Each week our clients are provided with a detailed report documenting our progress towards defined objectives. Bi-weekly or monthly program reviews are encouraged.