The Avanti R3 Process


Diverse Sourcing


When you engage Avanti Placements, you are tapping into an efficient mechanism designed to scour the market for the most qualified candidates for your needs. Our Sourcing Center is a "brick and mortar" recruiting operation center that focuses on finding qualified candidates, wherever they may be.

We use virtually every method possible to find candidates . The Sourcing Center uses internet-based job boards, social networking sites, web spiders, and professional organizations to build your database of candidates. Meanwhile, your dedicated recruiters represent your company in person at job fairs, industry events, and through building a professional referral network on your behalf.

We also recognize the value of employee referrals. That's why we put in place top notch employee referral programs to help drive referrals from the people who understand your needs the best – your own employees. Our primary concern is that you hire the right candidate, regardless of the source.