The Avanti R3 Process


Employment Branding


What convinces someone to work for you instead of your competition? You! But, if your candidates don’t know your story, or walk away from an interview with the wrong impression of your company, you have just lost them to the competition and wasted a lot of money in the sourcing and screening process.

Recruiting is a people business and you have to let candidates know what working for your company can mean to each of them as individuals. To do this, we institute many of the candidate marketing tools and cost-effective marketing campaigns that you normally see from large companies, designed to help your candidates understand the professional and personal advantages to working for your company and being part of your mission.

What are the qualifications and experience of your staffing consultants?

Our average consultant has over 10 years of experience in recruiting and the employment consulting arena. With many years of successful client engagements, our consultants' expertise allows them to apply the most effective practices to your staffing requirements. The backgrounds of our team range from the executive search industry, corporate human resource management, big 4 consulting firms, and corporations.

How do you find candidates?

The advent of technology has allowed the proliferation of employment websites touting endless streams of candidates. Unfortunately, they often deliver data clutter and an easy exit door for your own employees. Job fairs cattle cart streams of people but few qualified candidates. Advertising has become a high stakes poker game. The reality is that these techniques attract only the most active of job seekers (generally about 30% of the labor market) at any given time. While we use any and all avenues available to us to identify candidates, we particularly focus on the other 70% of the labor market not currently job seeking. We feel this increases the odds of identifying superior candidates, reduces competition, and increases the probability for successfully delivering the right candidate. We use various databases, direct sourcing, and selected internet resources in addition to our own internal researchers.

How is your model more cost effective than other means?

Employment agency fees run between 20-30% per hire. Temporary or staff augmentation firms mark-up labor rates 45% or more on their staff. These solutions are cost prohibitive except for the most critical of needs. We provide services on a time and materials basis. Our structured recruiting methodology provides an efficient solution at a fraction of that cost. Our cost-per-hire and time-to-hire metrics are well below the industry average. We often reduce our client's internal cost-per-hire and time-to-hire providing an additional return on their investment.

What makes Avanti different?

Our model is oriented to a structured, metrics driven, project approach to the delivery of on-site recruitment services. Our staff has industry specific experience in delivering superior recruiting results and human capital solutions. With a focus on the quality of the hire, we are dedicated to ensuring increased retention. Lastly, we pride ourselves on being true business partners with our clients. How do effective recruiting practices enhance a company's market value? Recruiting excellence is the single most important factor in raising market valuation for any company or organization.

How do I learn more about what Avanti has to offer?

Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Temporary Technical Recruiters


The Avanti recruiting team sources and qualifies professionals for your approval to supplement your staff according to project and business demands.

Our Avanti team members have strong interpersonal and communication skills. Avanti seeks these qualities in its candidates by directing recruiting efforts at professionals who, based on work histories and management and peer reviews, are proven performers.

Avanti recognizes that our consultants must function at a high level with a quick ramp-up period. Our seasoned recruiters know where to go to identify candidates who are leaders within their disciplines. We have the requisite experience and industry knowledge to deliver the highest caliber of temporary recruiting services available.

You Can Expect:

  • Responsive "just in time" recruiting – The best talent consists of professionals who are currently employed, Avanti constantly networks at a national level to fill its candidate pipeline
  • Performance management – Avanti will follow up regularly with our contractors' on-site managers to monitor performance and ensure a successful engagement
  • Leading technical professionals – Avanti screens and qualifies candidates prior to presentation to ensure they are technically proficient and sensitive to your organizational culture and work environment
  • Integrated technology approach – Enables Avanti recruiters to employ advanced labor market research, putting you in touch with the very best talent as well as skill sets that are often difficult to find
  • An extensive candidate database – Containing thousands of regularly updated records
  • Temp to hire – Avanti will work with you to allow conversion of its technical contractors to full time employee status as business needs often require

The Avanti value proposition emphasizes these service components to bring you critical coverage during peak periods, optimal staffing flexibility, reduced hiring costs, and improved technical team effectiveness.



The heart of our capability is the delivery of on-site project based recruiting for our clients. Unlike other recruiting alternatives, we provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to the delivery of staffing services. Avanti provides a dedicated recruiting team for each individual client assignment, which not only works with you to develop a recruiting strategy, but also executes the strategy and delivers the results you need.

The components of this service are:

  • Full-time, dedicated, industry specific staffing consultants working on your site with your staff in a team approach to accomplish your goals.
  • True employment consultants experienced in delivering superior recruiting results and human capital solutions. We will undertake only those assignments in which our competence has been established and we can assure satisfactory performance by virtue of previous experience.
  • Confidential, proprietary, consultative relationship. As your business partner, candidate information is never shared beyond the client's project team and remains the your exclusive work product.
  • Objective talent evaluators. Avanti plays an integral role not only in the identification of talent but the selection as well.
  • National delivery capability providing a comprehensive solution to your staffing needs. Our team can be deployed anywhere geographically to provide the dedicated support you need.
  • Sourcing programs, tools and research. Our team is supported with the tools to get the job done. In collaboration with our clients, we maximize our clients recruiting message and achieve a greater impact.
  • Variable/scalable recruiting workforce solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to augment your existing recruiting department or completely outsource the function, Avanti can provide the appropriate solution.
  • A structured, metrics driven, project approach to the delivery of on-site recruitment services. Each week our clients are provided with a detailed report documenting our progress towards defined objectives. Bi-weekly or monthly program reviews are encouraged.

Strategic Employment Planning/Consulting


Our expert recruiters begin each engagement by taking a holistic, partnering approach to understand your corporate vision and goals. We then develop an engagement plan and strategy specially tailored to meet your growth goals.
Our methodology encompasses:

  • Assessing your current staffing systems, tools and processes.
  • Defining your staffing goals and objectives.
  • Identifying barriers to meeting your business objectives.
  • Providing clear, executable recommendations to improve your capabilities based on proven "best practices" within the industry.
  • Partnering with you to help implement these solutions throughout your organization.
  • Developing benchmarks to measure success against defined objectives.

For those companies that execute successful recruitment and retention strategies the rewards are enormous. Let Avanti show you how to increase your value through improved recruiting effectiveness by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.